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Sicherheitskritisch is my blog and platform to present and document ongoing private projects. Most projects are related to any of the following topics: smart home, smart lighting, DIY, hardware, security or Linux.

I started the blog together with my friend Nils in 2014 with only German articles, but realized the international interest of some projects (especially the fingerprint sensor project), so I decided to translate some popular articles to English and write upcoming only in English to reach a bigger audience.

The motivation of writing the articles and document the projects is simple: I like my projects and most of them I use in daily life. But I think it would be bad if the experience and impressions I learned while building the projects is not shared with other people (you!). Maybe some people get inspired here and/or motivated to do some own stuff and this would be great! So checkout the projects and start some own if you want! 🔧💪


Bastian Raschke

I studied computer science (internet-based systems / secure and mobile systems) on the University of Applied Sciences in Trier. I like technical stuff since my childhood – I always wanted to know how gadgets work, so I disassembled a lot of them. Nowadays I'm able to build my own gadgets running my own software.

I'm a pragmatic person, I like to create something instead just talking about it. And I want to give back a bit of my experience to motivate people to create some own projects!

Also checkout my portfolio with more information about my skills:

My official portfolio

Nils Tegetmeyer

I studied computer science in Trier with Basti. Because I also like to spend my free time with technical stuff, we started this tech blog. Besides the technical topics, photography is a big hobby of me. It helps me to stay in balance and perfectly fits to my wanderlust.

Apart from that I'm a normal guy, most times in a good mood and like to do sport like jogging. I also play an musical instrument and like to meet new people.

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