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Smart MQTT cinch audio channel switcher for Home Assistant integration

Written by Bastian Raschke.
Published 2019-06-22 in the category Smart Home.

This project tackles an issue I had since I have a central sound system but multiple input sources (my computer, my Android TV, etc.). I used a Hama cinch input switcher (the model with the great name “Game AV Selector Deluxe”) to handle that. But I was really annoying to manually switch the channels - for example I already sit on my couch and forgot to switch to the Android TV channel and so I needed to stand up again for that...

This big first world problem needed to be solved of course!

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Teardown and technical review of the Cool&Fun electric skateboard for 200€

Written by Bastian Raschke.
Published 2018-09-17 in the category Skateboard.

When I planned the second generation of my electric cruiserboard, I researched a lot and looked also for commercial examples for electric boards. I found the “Cool & Fun Electric Skateboard” incredible cheap on Amazon for around 200€ only. I bought the board and made a teardown from it to show how much quality you get for this price...

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CAN bus (AsysBus) component for smart home system “Home Assistant”

Written by Bastian Raschke.
Published 2018-05-20 in the category Smart Home.

The AsysBus software was developed by Florian Knodt and was originally derived from a software called iSysBus. Basically the AsysBus is a firmware for AVR devices (e.g. the Arduino platform) to create a cheap and robust classic bus network for embedded devices. The communication is realized via CAN bus that is mostly popular in automotive industry. So you can easily create cheap nodes to control lights, RGB(W) light strips, wall buttons or any other possible device to interact with your smart home.

But without integration of my other smart home components (e.g. my Philips Hues) that system would not make a lot sense for me. So I created a component to use AsysBus in the popular smart home software Home Assistant.

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Improved glowboard (DIY) based on original Pennyboard 27″ Blackout

Written by Bastian Raschke.
Published 2018-05-15 in the category Skateboard.

My previous Pennyboard project worked quiet well. But it was not perfect, so I finally build a complete new board:

I liked my previous Ridge mini cruiser pretty well. It was lightweight, small and looked amazing with the underglow LED light. But the quality of the board itself was not perfect (especially the trucks, wheels and the bearings). Okay for a price of around 50€ it was pretty amazing but I wanted a bit better...

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