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Build your own smart Wi-Fi button for 9€

Written by Bastian Raschke.
Published 2017-03-30 in the category Smart Home.

For my OpenHab smarthome setup in my room i needed some physical switches to avoid to always need to unlock my phone, start the app, wait until its connected and finally turn on the lights. I use OpenHAB because i have a mixed setup with a lot of Philips Hue bulbs and also some DIY lightstrips which are connected via a ESP8266 and receive their commands via MQTT from my broker. Thus i can't simply use Philips Hue switches. Of course it is possible to grab the state of these switches via OpenHab but in my view these switches are to expensive just because it is just a switch. Other commercial Wi-Fi smart buttons cost nearly the same or more (40€+).

Finally i decided to build my own Wi-Fi buttons with ESP8266...

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Pennyboard mini cruiser as glowboard with Wi-Fi and a smartphone app

Written by Bastian Raschke.
Published 2016-10-26 in the category Skateboard.

I just started skating in June 2016. I bought a mini cruiser (better known as "Pennyboard") on Amazon and trained a lot just to be able to cruise through out the city without too much trouble - it took a lot of time for me to get the hang of it :-D I wanted to combine my new hobby with my other nerdy electronics/programming hobby - I built a super cool board with an LED underglow light, which looks really impressive in the dark. But see for yourself:

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A5/1 cipher online simulator demo for visualisation of the internal algorithms

Written by Bastian Raschke.
Published 2016-09-11 in the category Security.

The A5/1 stream cipher has been used for a long time to encrypt communication data in the GSM system. The cipher was developed in 1987 and is finally broken since 2009. The cipher was initially kept secret but became public after reverse engineering. And the simluator we created, simulates/visualises every step of the algorithm.

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